Favourite Tech: Silent Conference!

The silent disco has moved to conferences, the perfect idea for speakers and presentations held in exhibitions halls. Having seen the silent conference at work in several exhibitions lately I can’t help but think this is a great solution to holding sessions and presentations on the exhibition floor. When I first started in the events industry I worked on international events, one of the first major issues I came across was holding a conference session on the exhibition floor, the venue in Qatar didn’t have enough separate rooms to hold the sessions at the time (was a few years ago now) and two conference rooms where built on the exhibition floor out of shell scheme, garnering a few complaints from delegates on the noise from the exhibition intruding on the sessions. The delegates couldn’t hear the speakers and light in the hall couldn’t be changed from exceptionally bright to allow for the projector and screen, making it hard to see the presentations. Not a good situation!. Luckily the next time the event came around Qatar had built a bigger exhibition center so we could move the event, but this isn’t always an option. So here is where the silent conference comes in, the session space can be as open and crowded as you like and all the delegates can still hear the presenter, all you need to do is put on the headphones provided. It sounds a really simple solution and it is, but what a massive improvement from building a makeshift conference room in a noisy exhibition hall.

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